Fire Safety Floor Plans

It is imperative that as part of an evacuation procedure that premises have fire safety floor plans visible to employees and members of the public at all times. The Floor plan should be located in a reception area and at a location visible to all. All places of assembly must have fire safety floor plans and it is recommended that buildings with a medium to high occupancy follow suit e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, shopping centres, office/apartment blocks, factories etc. On completing a site survey we can design fire safety floor plans of your building showing layout structure. escape routes and location of fire equipment and risk areas. The floor plans are subsequently fitted in attractive frames and fitted in the required locations for the client. We offer a full and comprehensive service to the customer. Many fire engineering companies can complete fire safety evacuation plans but they use AutoCAD which is very technical and can be difficult for building occupants to read and understand. The system Elite Fire Safety has developed is clear, simplified and easy to understand and contains all the required information needed.

Safety Floor plans
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