Fire Alarm Systems

Fires presents a major and unpredictable risk to people and property. Fire alarm systems will automatically identify an activation within a building in seconds enabling occupants to evacuate immediately.

ELITE FIRE SAFETY can design, install and complete the maintenance of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems to conform to I.S. 3218:1989 and I.S. 3218:2009 standards.
Our wireless fire alarm systems create a cable free solution which is suitable for all installations. Wireless fire alarm systems offer an advantage to construction that cannot be altered such as historic and listed buildings.

It is a statutory requirement for businesses to have a fire alarm installed on the premises and to employ the services of a specialist company to complete the routine maintenance of the system. We carry out the maintenance, inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and issue a report and certification on each service visit ensuring that your company is conforming to regulations.


Emergency Lighting Systems​

In the event of a fire on your premises emergency lighting will provide a safe escape route for all occupants ensuring a safe evacuation at all times. ELITE FIRE SAFETY can complete the design, installation, maintenance and testing of all emergency lighting systems in accordance with I.S.3217:1989 and I.S.3217:2008 standards.

Our engineers have completed the required training and registration process to conform to the BESS ( Building Emergency Safety Systems ) scheme and are listed on RECI's database as qualified and competent contractors and can issue certification for the commissioning, maintenance and testing of all emergency lighting systems.

The emergency lighting system is tested on each service visit and bulbs and components are replaced accordingly to ensure all devices are fully operational. Service reports and certification are issued on completion.

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Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

When it comes to protecting your kitchen the ANSUL restaurant fire suppression system is at the top of its class. Kitchens are high risk areas and susceptible to fires due to the amount of appliances, cooking oils close to flash point temperature and high heat conditions etc. For these reasons it is imperative to protect the plenum area which houses the frying and cooking equipment at all times. In the event of a fire occurring in this area the ANSUL suppression system will activate automatically through the fixed temperature fusible links in the plenum and extinguish the fire by reacting with the oils thus smothering the fire through saponification. The nozzles fitted in the plenum and duct areas will discharge a wet chemical agent that will extinguish the fire immediately before it can spread into other areas. The advanced extinguishing agents ensure rapid flame knockdown and vapour securement as well as containing the area thus eliminating reflash. Elite Fire Safety can design, install and service all ANSUL systems in accordance with NFPA 17, 17A, 96.

Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire extinguishers: It is mandatory for all business premises to have fire extinguishers and to ensure that they are inspected and serviced yearly. Elite fire safety can design, install and complete the annual maintenance of all fire extinguishers in accordance with I.S 291:2002 standards. All Elite fire safety fire extinguishers conform to EN3, and are your first line of defence if a fire occurs on your premises.

Elite fire safety can supply the following range of fire extinguishers:
Water fire extinguisher / Foam fire extinguishers Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers Dry powder fire extinguishers / Wet chemical fire extinguishers

Fire blankets: Supplied in all sizes to conform to BS EN 1869:1997

Fire hose reels: ELITE FIRE SAFETY hose reels are manufactured to BS EN 671-1 and supplied as manual or automatic.

Maintenance and testing of hose reels is completed in accordance with BS 5306-1 2006 on an annual basis.

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Hydrant Testing

Testing of hydrants is of vital importance to ensure that the fire service has access to water in the event of a large fire and that the supply is at the correct requirement. Hydrant testing will clear out debris from the system and will give a water flow reading and pressure test and collect all data to ensure the hydrant is effective.

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Emergency Exit Panic Bolts

ELITE FIRE SAFETY can supply and fit all types of emergency exit panic bolts. We also complete all repairs and maintenance to BS EN 1125 standards.


Fire Safety Signage

ELITE FIRE SAFETY can supply and fit all types of European standards fire safety signage; vinyl, plastic, aluminium and luminescent. Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, signs must be fitted to identify fire fighting equipment, escape routes, call points etc.

First Aid Equipment

ELITE FIRE SAFETY can supply a full range of first aid equipment to include first aid boxes (all sizes), refill packs, evacuation chairs, rescue sheets etc.
A representative can advise you on your requirements to conform to regulations

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